Writing frenzy

October 22, 2009

So today was a day off for me. I didn’t have to go out knitting or anything. I didn’t leave the house. Unfortunately it ended up being an exceedingly warm day considering the weather we have been having. But I got 3 letters written so far and I have 3 more to go.

I found 3 letters thatci should have sent out a month ago or longer. Not good. I need to print out some photos to go into those letters. I’m just not on top of things. Tomorrow is payday so I’ll be heading to the post office to get everything mailed out.

Im kinda tired and need to finish these letters. I’m sure you all understand. Night


A loss and a gain

October 20, 2009

I have suffered a loss and a gain in my penpal world recently. It’s been a world of ups and downs in my life.

First, my loss. Silvia in Italy has decided to stop penpalling. She did not say if it would be temporary or permanent but I am going to say that it is a temporary permanent decision. Her life has become too hectic for her to continue devoting time to us, her pals. I completely understand that thought. I had too many pals in the beginning. Luckilly (sort of) some of my pals stopped writing. This helped me to whiddle down the number if letters I write each week. It’s been a good thing overall. Silvia will be missed but I was lucky enough to get her on facebook before she stopped writing. Now atleast I can see that she’s still alive.

My gain was very awesome. This happened today as I got gome and checked my mail. You’ll never guess who I got a letter from. It was Oky!!! I could have died. I was so excited. Still am for that matter. She was having some motivational problems for a while and didn’t write. I think she’s going to be back on track now. She even burned me a k pop cd. But it seems to not want to let my computer recognize it. I’m going to keep trying as I love k pop.

Well I have plenty of letters to write and a brand new iPhone to continue playing with.

Yet another day…

August 26, 2009

Today I really hope to find out about that new job.  I would love to do it and I would be fantastic at it. I would be a nanny.  I’m excited but also just trying to make it day by day.

I took a lot of time to work on my LLP Katharina’s letter.  I have not been writing her as long of letters as I would like but this one is turning out well.  I still have 2-3 more pages of her letter to reply to.  I’m on page 8 of my reply.  I’m so glad to be accomplishing some decent writing.

I have 4 letters still waiting for me to write to after Katharina, but I’ve decided to pick up one or two more new pals.  I’ve reposted an ad on penpal-net.info.  We’ll see what kind of replies I get.

No word from Oky and that is really making me sad.  I miss her and hope that everything is o.k. with her.

I love having good news!…

August 25, 2009

I so frequently have things to bitch about in my letters.  I hate my job, they overwork and abuse me.  My boyfriend was rude to me, etc etc etc.  It gets old and makes it hard to write letters sometimes.  I will ofcourse always write about what is really happening, good or bad, but I do not dwell on anything negative.  I sometimes have rather short letters because of this.

Well, yesterday was a rather decent day, even though it started out horrid.  I may be getting a job being a nanny.  This will change my world!  Same pay I’m making now, half the hours (more hours in summer ofcourse) but I would have sooo much more time.  I’d love it.

So, I’m bummed right now that I do not have the time to be writing all of this to my penpals.  I close tonite and tomorrow but I have 3 whole days off after that.  I will get sooo much done it will be wonderful.

I did get 2 letters yesterday.  Sally in S Korea.  I had almost given up on her and Amy in Canada.  She’s a doll.  Haven’t even opened the letters yet.  That helps me to understand that I have not written to them.

On that note, I must try and find a method to processing my letters so I know what has been done, arrival date, etc.  Hmmm… something to think on I see.

Talk soon!

I got a comment…

August 23, 2009

I just recieved a comment on my blog!  Someone actually wants me to keep posting.  lol.  That’s just amazing to me.  I knew that I got hits on my blogs, but I never really thought anyone read what I wrote.  It’s been like 5 months since I’ve posted tho… I don’t have too much to catch up on. lol.

Where to start… Oky, my favorite penpal from S Korea (they are all my favorite, lol) had moved ages ago.  She gave me her new address and told me when I would be able to write her.  I sent her a huge packet of letters and some gifts for her new home and her daughter.  Well, I never heard back from her.  This was back in March when I was last posting.  Still, to this day I have not heard from her.  A big part of that though, is that I also had my cellphone off for a few, wich is the email she had for me.  I had in turn lost her email.  All I had was an old address and I don’t think S Korea forwards mail like the US does.  I am in the process of cleaning my house and I found my old address book that I was using for when I first started penpalling.  Guess what was in there?!  Oky’s email address.  Hopefully she still uses it and can check it.  I still don’t have her new snail mail addy…that was lost with the phone as well.  I just emailed her, so we’ll sit and wait for a reply….

I am currently working on a letter to Katharina in Germany.  She is really my only official LLP.  I have been only giving her a few pages for letters.  I am now on a mission to give her a big giant descriptive and awesome LLP letter this time.  She totally deserves it.  I just have such a boring life sometimes.

Bohye and I have exchanged some CDs.  She also was the one to give me these amazing Korean Hangul stickers ages ago that I just love.  I finaly got some American alphabet stickers from her.  Gotta do some more work on Katharina’s letter before I can get to Bohye’s…bleh.  I’m running out of enough time in the day to get all this done.

I had been in a terribly horrid mood for a few weeks, maybe even close to a month so I hadn’t been writing letters.  I still have a total of 4 to write and mail out, but I got like 7 out this past week.  I hate writing when I’m in a bad mood so they all just started piling up.  It feels good to get the house clean and get my letter pile whiddled down too.

I have decided to nix the swapping.  It’s just a little too expensive for me.  I’d rather spend the postage on a page or two of a letter over a bag of address labels.  It’s just not cost efficient when compared to the enjoyment and fun I get out of it.  If I had recieved some completed books or bags myself, I may be interested in continuing, but it is unfortunately turning out to be a money trap.

Well, I need to work more on cleaning since I have the bug and the boyfriend is gone…

just some thought on a spring day

March 17, 2009

I’ve had plenty of time to think about a few things. But first, I’ll address my new link I’ve posted.

Janetstore.com. It is a very cool site I learned about from my friend Mara in Louisiana. Its an amazing site. From what I can tell, the woman that owns it, owns a shop in Taiwan and she sells her goods internationally on the net. The items in this shop are unlike any I’ve found on any other reputable sites. I assume because she’s in Taiwan, she can get so many more very neat things from all over Asia. the only downfall to her site is the shipping costs. It seems that her shipping to the US is rather expensive due to the distance. After some research, her prices including shipping are rather comprable to any US site. This is only possible because her prices are insanely inexpensive due to her location. If I get any extra money, I have plant to shop a bit.

I got 3 letters yesterday. One fron a US pal very near New York City. I enjoy getting her letters. She is very like me and doesn’t have a perfect life. She talks to me about all her problems along with the good suff. Its refreshing to hear bad news.

I also got a letter fron Chairee in S Korea. She’s my youngest friend having just graduated middle school and starting high school soon. She is such a pleasure to write to.

My third letter was from a lovely woman in the UK. She’s a mother with two very young children.

All my pals are just lovely to talk to. It really is a blessing to have so many good friends all over the world. I was afraid that my penpalling was slowing down. But as I just took a look at my addresses, I’ve found I have plenty of pals to write to. I’m just not getting letters every day like I would prefer. I just adore getting mail all the time. But I am realizing I prefer to get good letter more than I want tons of letters. Quality over quantity.

Well, time to get to work…

things have been rather slow…

March 10, 2009

I know I haven’t been posting. My penpalling has slowed down quite signifigantly this month. I don’t pretend to know why. I think part of it is that some penpals just stop replying. I also think some people are struggling with life and money these days. I know money is becomming an issue with me.

I did get 2 letters yesterday. One was long overdue and from someone who said they were a long letter pal. They are not and I will now change my writing habbits to them. Rather sad though.

The other letter was from a friend in Singapore. She is lovely and always sends me brochures on Singapore with every letter. I will be happy to sit down and read her letter tonite after work.

But speaking of work, I must go.

Quick post before I go to work…

February 24, 2009

I finally recieved the order of letersets I was waiting for!!!  I am soooo happy.  I love them and actually was lucky enough to use 2 lettersets and part of my new letterpad.  I had 3 letters to get written last night.  How I cam to realize that my order had arrived was a rather cute little story.

I called my byfriend from work at about 5pm yesterday to see if he wa going to come pick me up.  While talking with him, I asked if he’d checked the mail on his way in.  He didn’t bother because the flag was still up and he knew that the postman had not been by yet.

I finally get home a bit after 8pm and see that the flag is down!  This means the postman has come along.  I notice that I do have a package in the mailbox and I head upstairs excited.  I open the package and kind of wonder what the heck it is for a moment.  It’s lettersets, but.. I didn’t think I ordered those…  So, the package in my mailbox was a set of lettersets that I bought from Phoophies.com like 3 days prior.  That store is in the US so shipping is sooo fast.

I’m happy to get my little batch of lettersets once I realize what they were, but I’m still all bummed out that my big order didn’t come in.  So, a bit later, I head outside to have a cigarette and notice a package on my front step.  Now, I’m sure this package was there to begin with but because I thought the package in the mailbox was what I was waiting for I didn’t even notice something on the step.  Plus,  it was dark out.

So!  I have all of my ordered things, except my new checks.  *sigh*  Hopefully all that stuff comes soon so I can stop waiting on mail!


February 19, 2009

I still have not recieved my order from lettersets.com.  I’m sure that it is taking the amount of time it should.  I’m just very impatient and really wanted to get it before I had to go back to work tomorrow.  Luckilly, if it comes in tomorrow I still have Saturday off as well.

I did get a letter from Miss Ritda in South Korea today.  I wasn’t able to get to it though.  I have a very long letter pal in Germany and I write about 12 pages to her each letter.  I try to get some writing in each day when I write Katharina, but I put off her letter for a few days, so I wrote to her.  

I also took the rest of my letter time this evening to reply yet again to Mrs. Oky in South Korea.  Oky is turning out to be one of my best letter pals.  She and I write often so we are not waiting ages to get letters from eachother.  She is moving to DaeGu so I am not able to mail the letters I’m writing right now.  It is rather strange to know that I am writing letters and responding to letters I’m still getting from her, knowing I cannot mail them.  It’s fun because I have to pressure on writing quickly, but I now have 3 letters waiting to mail out to her and I will undoubtedly have one or two more before I can mail things.  I must also find a housewarming present I can mail to her as well.

I suppose I need to be going to bed now.  I have 9 or so hours to sleep before I should try and wake up.  I’m not exactly looking forward to working again, but it is only one day I must get thru before I have another day off.

desperately waiting for the mail…

February 17, 2009

I am way too excited about getting mail today. I am still waiting for my package from lettersets.com. Yesterday was a federal holiday here in America. It was presidents day. I completely forgot about it. It isn’t a big holiday but it is always the Monday during the week of my birthday, wich is tomorrow.

So, I suppose I’ll be going back upstairs and I’ll play some more of my new video game while I wait.